The Print Shop: Bardach Media: Blog en-us Bardach Media (The Print Shop: Bardach Media) Mon, 22 Feb 2021 03:31:00 GMT Mon, 22 Feb 2021 03:31:00 GMT A Farm Engagement Session When Cheryl and Kevin set a date for their fall farm engagement session, we never could have imagined the last day in September would be 80 degrees in Indiana! It was a mild 80 so praise JESUS! haha We had a blast shooting this e-session around the farm with lots of laughs and dancing around. You would never know we were swarmed with mosquitoes the ENTIRE time. They really like Kevin! These two made my job a breeze with their playfulness and I can't wait to see what kind of weather their mid-January wedding will bring! Praying for your snow, Cheryl!

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Indiana Summer Night It's always an honor when Pam Parker asks me to photographer for her- especially this time as we photographed her granddaughter and a friend who were visiting from out of town!  We created these gorgeous, fun images of the girls with the Flower Farm as the backdrop. Let me tell ya, these images are the definition of an Indiana Summer Night. What a beautiful way to remember this trip for the girls and grandma!  The Flower Farm is truly a magical place and I treasure any time I get to spend with the creative woman behind JP Parker.

Also- how is it that your grandma lives on/owns a flower farm? Of course all the pretty hair pieces, floral crowns, and flower arrangements were created by JP Parker.






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One of my favorite images... So I've turned this post into a blog for those of you who want to see this entire shoot with three little monkeys!

 The top image is the one I'm referring to in this post, but here is the gallery of images from this shoot as well. Oh, and the post from FB/Insta!

Disclaimer: this is going to be a book of a post. This has to be my favorite image I have ever taken. My dad inherited this bike that was my grandpa’s about 10 years ago and had it restored. Christmas 2016 my brother and I cooked up this idea of photographing our kids on the bike as a gift to my dad. I had this big idea in my head of what I wanted this image to look like, and NOTHING turned out like what I had in mind. I actually wasn’t convinced I got a SINGLE decent image out of the chaos that was this shoot. At the time the photographer in me saw all the flaws and the imperfections in this image that didn’t line up with what I had in my head. Flash forward almost a year and a half later, every time I walk past this image I stop and stare at it. It’s beautiful. I view this image perfectly. May seem odd to you but it gave me a good perspective on how Christ sees us. As messy, chaotic and undeserving as I am- he still sees me perfectly. How amazing is that? The prayer on my heart is that I can learn to see others as Christ does. And if you made it to the end of this, I told ya it was going to be a book! There were a couple of ways I could have gone with this bit this was was heaviest on my heart! 


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Drew + Logan's Downtown Indy Engagement Session Logan + Drew's engagement session was SO MUCH FUN, ya'll! It was such a gorgeous (and slightly warm for February) Sunday evening around downtown Indy with the two of them. I love how their fun love connection just shines in their images. Seriously, scroll through these images, you won't be disappointed!  <3. 







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Silas James This gallery is pure magic. A mini road trip to help a friend with a wedding turned into playing with my littlest son all day. And shooting, of course. This little boy loves to roam free and get into EV-ER-Y-THING and this day allowed all of that.

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Two Wrights Make a BABY!  

I just can't say how much I love this couple right here. I photographed Julie & JR's wedding two years ago on October 12th. As a wedding photographer, I consider it a huge honor to be hired by each and every one of my clients. One of the biggest days of my clients lives and they chose ME to spend just about every second with them?! WHOA. That's such a stinking honor, y'all. I'm certain most of my clients don't realize how personal my job is until I am telling them goodbye at the end of the night. I think it comes full circle at that point. We have been hanging out all day long on your WEDDING day?! Did we just become best friends? hahaha. Hope you all love Step Brothers as much as I do. But isn't that a huge honor?! 

ANYWAYS, now that I have written a book about how intimate the photographer/wedding client relationship is- that brings me to these two people.  I photographed Julie and JR's wedding two years back. If you all have seen that crazy cute photo of a bride and groom with a horse smiling beside them, this is THAT adorable couple. (I reposted above for those who don't know what I'm talking about.)

One year and nine days post wedding, Julie underwent surgery to donate her kidney to her own momma! Julie's mom had been in renal kidney failure and the day before her handsome beau proposed, she found out she was her momma's donor match! So fast forward 8 months, 2 weeks and 4 days post SUCCESSFUL surgery- Julie and JR find out they are PREGNANT! And having this nifty little job that I do, I get the first secret words of a their new pregnancy! The images speak for themselves. There is so much love between these two humans and I'm so excited to them become parents.  

Congrats to the new mommy & daddy! 

My favorite part of this session is when JR is writing the word 'Baby' backwards in the air. (We had to have him write it a couple times to get things just right in camera.)  Julie and I were complimenting him on how well he was writing 'BABY' backwards in the air. His reply, 'well I was practicing in the shower this morning'. Isn't that the most adorable thing, like EVER?! Mic Drop. 




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Hunt Family Session in the City I photographed the sweet Hunt family a few Sunday mornings ago in downtown Indianapolis. Crystal and Andy's little guy, Brayden Andrew, was at his 6 month old milestone so he was sitting up, wanting to stand, and loving mommy and daddy's interactions with him. Crystal and Andy also incorporated the cutest wood letter block train that was Dad's as a child. And for real, check out his baby blues! All three of them have the most intense (natural) eye colors I have EVER seen in a family! SO GORGEOUS! 







































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Blackacre Farm Shoot Here are some of my favorites from the Blackacre Farm in Louisville, Kentucky that I shot alongside Lisa from Lisa Easter Photography and Laura from Perception Studio. All the dresses were made by the SO. VERY. TALENTED. Amanda from Alora Safari. Hair and makeup by Jami & Jess of J&J Beauty. 



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Parker's 6 Month Session Ok, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just LOVE when my past brides and grooms bring me their babies! I photographed sweet little Parker for his 6 month milestone. We did a super big mix of styles with Parker's session. We went from shooting inside to outside a couple times and used natural and off camera flash throughout his session and I just LOVE all the vibes it gives. Of course Parker was just sweet all the way through and made my job super easy so I was able to do so much with him. 

I also love all the details of Parkers hands and feet you will see throughout this session. I feel like these shots really show that 6 month stage and are just near and dear to all the mommas hearts out there. <3


Thank you Stephanie for bringing that sweet boy to me and allowing me to document your growing family. 









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Olivera Sunset Family Session Gushing over John & Emily's sunset family session. LOVE when my wedding clients bring me their offspring. :) Landon was the perfect gentleman for his solo photographs then we had fun playing and kissing with mommy and daddy. We finished the session in the golden light as daddy played songs on his guitar and sang to his sweet boy. It was nothing less than amazing. I am so blessed to have clients like the Olivera's and so very happy for their new little family. 

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TJ and Ashley's Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session. I had an absolute blast photographing Ashley and TJ's engagement session around downtown Indianapolis. They were brave enough to entrust me on an early Sunday morning session and it was incredible! These two made my job EASY. Can't wait to photograph their upcoming wedding!

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{NEW} Gracefully Simple Session with Jasmin and Jaxon {NEW} Gracefully Simple Sessions

Gracefully Simple Sessions are all about documenting the bond between mommy and baby. If you already couldn't tell by these  images of Jasmin and her baby boy Jaxon, it's all about love here. This session, just as all Gracefully Simple Sessions, was photographed in the comfort and calm environment of my studio. Jasmin's baby boy was all smiles from the get-go and made this time with his mommy just spectacular. This is such a special time in our babies life, that personally, my heart aches to have back with my older son.  Having this intimate and playful time with your baby documented is nothing less than magical and something that Jasmin (and all mommies) will cherish forever. I am so thankful to have met Jasmin and her son Jaxon and thrilled that she entrusted me to convey the bond they have together.  


For more information on these sessions, click here


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{Pure} Newborn Sessions I am rolling out a new newborn session called PURE. This session is for newborns under 14 days and is done in studio. This {PURE} Newborn session is one basic setup with light posing that goes with the flow and comfort of your new baby. Session lasts about 45 minutes and includes 20 digital files. Price is $175. Below are images from my most recent PURE session with sweet baby Evan, and as you can see the focus is PURELY on him and his beautiful features. (Session does not include sibling or parent shots)

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Larry & Megan's SNOWY Engagement Session We all know how unpredictable winter can be around Indiana, so of course we were hoping for a warm up the weekend of Megan and Larry's engagement but God had BIGGER plans! SNOW! And lots of it too! I was ecstatic when I called Megan and asked if she and her fiance Larry were up for a snowy engagement session and she was JUST AS EXCITED as I was. :) So we went to a park near where I grew up in Waverly and we had the entire place to ourselves. Their sweet baby Brayden joined in on the fun for a few minutes too, but don't worry, Grammy was keeping him occupied in the warm truck while mom and dad played. :) So happy I met this entire family. They are such a blessing. 



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Downtown Indy Sunset Engagement Session | Sergio & Cassi | Engagement sessions are always SUCH a fun time. This beautiful bride-to-be Cassi (who is also my cousin) and her soon-to-be hubby Sergio were up for anything. So we started our evening off by stopping into La Margarita in Fountain Square for a small bite to eat and a cocktail and then headed to Mass Ave to catch the beginning of this spectacular spring sunset that we were so blessed to have. After we hopped around Mass Ave for a little while we chased the sunset around the city and ended up White River Gardens to catch that beautiful golden light. I had so much fun with these two and feel so honored to be such a huge part of their wedding day in September. 


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Mini Boudoir Sessions We are now offering MINI boudoir sessions! Exciting, right? We still roll out the red carpet experience as our larger package does, only with one outfit and a little less shooting time! Check out what it includes!



The Mighty & Mini Boudoir Package includes:

Professional Hair & Makeup
One Outfit
30 Minutes of Shooting
10 Edited Images
Print Release
Our help in putting your look together for your session.
Session is done in studio.

Price: $325


Any questions on how this entire experience works? Click here for more info!



Yajaira y Victor-1276Yajaira y Victor-1276 Buffalo Wedding PhotographyBuffalo Wedding PhotographyA bride and groom cut their wedding cake.

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Love for Liam Sessions I just wanted to thank all those who showed their support for the Sprauge family in our Love for Liam Mini Sessions. It was amazing to meet some of the families and hear how they have been following Liam's story and supporting the Sprauge family from the very beginning of his journey.  It was just as amazing for those who had never even heard of his story until these sessions to come and support the family. Liam (and his very brave mommy and daddy) touch a part of my heart and I am so very honored to be able to show my family's love and support for them. And not to forget this marks Liam's FIRST YEAR HEARTIVERSARY! Check out all the super fun pictures of our sessions that day and all those who came out to show their support despite the MASSIVE amount of snow we had! 










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Donald Clifford Coleman IV | Newborn Session | 20 Days Old I first met this little guys Mommy (Brittany) and Daddy (Donald) while photographing his Aunt Julie & Uncle JR's wedding this past fall. I was more than thrilled when Julie messaged me to photograph her new nephew and thankful Brittany was brave enough to drive to the studio from out of town! Cole was born on January 11, 2015 and we had the honor of photographing him at 20 days fresh! Once we finally got this little man to sleep he was a DREAM to photograph (as long as we kept him nice and toasty). So thankful for this sweet family and congratulations on your little blessing!  


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McKinlyn Marie's First Birthday Session I can't believe this little girl (whom is my one and only sweet baby niece) is already a year old. My goodness how a year just flies. My sister-in-law and I cooked up this session for her and it was nothing less than perfect for this little girl with a big personality. Of all the planning and detail we put into this session nothing sparked her interest more than her little pink tutu. I have never witnessed a moment so magical for a little girl than the moment her mommy tied her tiny pink tutu around her waist. McKinlyn definitely sensed that this was something to be celebrated as she danced and giggled around the studio with excitement. It was spectacular. 

As for the cake smash? Well she handled that one like a pro! Cake and icing all round! (Thanks to my good friend Emily from Jax and Ruby Cakes for the gorgeous and tasty cake!) Happy Birthday Sissy! We love you so very much and are so thankful for all the sugar and spice you have brought into our family








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Ashley and Paul This day could not have been more perfect for Paul and Ashley coming together and uniting their beautiful family. The gorgeous venue, the perfect early fall weather and the dancing sunshine made this couples love for each other just sparkle. Congratulations Paul and Ashley, I am so very happy for the two of you and your amazing kiddos. 



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Baugh Family I can't even describe what a blessing this family of seven was. When I learned I was having FIVE boys in studio I prepared myself (and my studio) for the worst case scenario only to have this family of seven walk in with five of the most well behaved and cooperative little boys I have ever encountered. My heart is heavy and my prayers are with this incredible family as mom and dad are with their youngest baby boy, Lincan, at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota right now seeking diagnosis and treatment for this precious baby.

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Brendon & Stephanie Engagement Session  

This evening and this couple couldn't have been more perfect. The sun was definitely showing off for Stephanie and Brendon's engagement session a few weeks ago. I'm incredibly blessed to have clients such as Stephanie and Brendon to work with and honored to be  photographing their upcoming fall wedding.


PAR16_20154444BPAR16_20154444B PAR16_23174754A-1PAR16_23174754A-1


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Wendy & Rex Engagement  


The perfect summer evening and this amazing Brownsburg property owned by the soon-to-be groom's parents made for one sweet engagement session with Wendy and Rex. The scene was pretty much set and the giggles from the soon-to-be bride stole the stage. I can't wait to photograph their upcoming fall wedding!


TONY3512TONY3512 Concert (Lacni Franz, koncert, Kino Siska)Concert (Lacni Franz, koncert, Kino Siska)Entertainment, Ljubljana, Concert (Lacni Franz, koncert, Kino Siska), Zarja Predin, kostumografinja in Rok Predin, slikar, animator, glasbenik, 22-Oct-2016, (Photo by: Marko Vavpotic /


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Baby Cousins So I may/may not be able to get enough of these two baby girls. This session the girls wore outfits that their mommas had worn when they were babies. McKinlyn is the blondie and Olivia is the brunette, both with sparkling blue eyes. These girls just keep getting cuter and cuter, I can't even stand it. :)

DS_100916_PA_12782DS_100916_PA_12782 2016HODES-1032016HODES-103 12881288 DS_100916_PA_22149DS_100916_PA_22149

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Aden is 2! I had the privilege of photographing Aden for a little session marking his second birthday! A rainy day inside the studio plus a vintage tricycle made for some pretty sweet moody photographs of an active two year old. 



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Livie Lu Precious little Olivia came to see me in the studio. Her cousin McKinlyn decided to join in too so we had many sets of hands on deck for these three month old babes.

_DSC6694_DSC6694 2016_02_15652016_02_1565 2016_02_16012016_02_1601

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Mommy & Me In honor of mothers day, a mommy-and-me session. As mommy's we don't get to be in too many photos since we are the ones that are taking them. I'm so glad Krystel was up to doing this session with me and I'm sure she will always be happy she did these photos with her precious baby while McKinlyn is still so little. Such a sweet session complete with McKinlyn's older cousin Malaki helping to entertain at the end and lots of pretty blonde hair. 


WhiteBG-6375WhiteBG-6375 WhiteBG-6380WhiteBG-6380 WEDDING-586WEDDING-586 5M5A1017  2016157fx5M5A1017 2016157fx

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Nine Days New Baby William Precious baby boy William at nine days new  along with his sweet parents and big sister. Such a gorgeous family, inside and out. And look at all this baby boys hair!! 


_DSC0406_DSC0406 SWI16_02105611ASWI16_02105611A D17-49D17-49

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Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session Thrilled to have worked with a fun loving couple such as J.R. and Julie who were up for anything I threw at them during their engagement session using the always charming downtown Indianapolis as our backdrop. This business has been filled with the meeting of new friends and the reuniting with the old. Thankful J.R. thought of me to photograph his and Julie's engagement session and it was a pleasure meeting Julie for the very first time. 



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Beautiful Family Always a pleasure seeing Brittney and a treat to meet her two little girls and her significant other, Joe. 

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